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Elkford, British Columbia, Canada 

Enjoy the Elkford Webcam with mountain views including the Escape Away Elkford condo building (click on the words Elkford Webcam).

Rumours, Routes & Rapids
Finding your way in British Columbia’s Elk Valley

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Elkford Activities:
Year round– Fine dining, indoor swimming, sight seeing, photography, board games, movie rentals, reading, relaxing, doing nothing at all.

Summer – Hiking, motor boating, canoeing, picnicing, beach fun, suntanning, swimming,fishing, biking, golfing, tennis.

Winter – Skiing, snow boarding, cross country skiing, snow mobiling, snow shoeing, skating.


Enjoy an easy nature hike to see stunning Josephine Falls close by

Josephine Falls (Forest, Falls and Lake Walk)
Access: Turn east off Highway 43 at the 4-way stop, travel 5 km. passing the Greenhills Viewpoint. Turn right in to gravel parking area. Alternate access is via Lost or Lily Lake trails.
Trail length: 2.3 km
Walk one way: 40 minutes
Difficulty: Moderate (Rest Areas)

This enjoyable trail offers an excellent variety of vegetation. View the breathtaking Josephine Falls as they cascade 25 meters down a steep canyon carved by the Fording River. In 1905, Professor Fairfield Osborn came upon the falls while studying big game in the area. He named the falls after his daughter Josephine who caught the largest trout at the base of the falls.

To view the face of the falls, continue 150m beyond the fenced area and past the Lily Lake turnoff.
Hikers can continue on to Lost Lake and Lily Lake, or both on a connecting trail.

Lily Lake Trail
Access: Same as Josephine Falls, or as an alternate route, turn immediately after Elk River Bridge on mine access road. Park in open area. Trail starts 350 meters North of bridge.
Trail Length: 2.7 km
Walk one way: 55 minutes
Difficulty: Moderate (Rest Areas)

This trail resembles a roller coaster, dipping and climbing throughout. The trail meanders past several wet marsh-like areas. A 10 meter bridge enables hikers to cross one such area.

A wide variety of wildflowers, mosses, lichen and fungi border the trail leading to a small lake. The lake supports ducks, wetland birds and vegetation. Big game viewing is possible during early morning.

Lost Lake Trail
Access: Same as Josephine Falls. Alternate access, same as Lily Lake.
Trail length: 2.5 km
Walk (in): 60 minutes
Walk(out): 40 minutes
Difficulty: Vigorous

This trail gains 260 m elevation over a steady uphill grade. Hikers should be in good physical condition. While following this well defined trail, hikers will be enveloped by the canopy of lodgepole pine. This trail features a stocked lake. In spring, muskeg in and around the lake is very wet – rubber boots are recommended.

Two docks provide some fishing opportunities. Keep your eyes open for Great Blue Heron and Osprey, who also enjoy the Rainbow Trout. Occasionally there are sightings of Loon in the Lake.

Mountain Walk
Access: Follow directional signs to Wapiti Ski Hill. Trail commences from the northwest corner of the parking lot.
Trail length: 8km
Walk one way: 2 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Hikers can expect extensive sub-alpine forest throughout. Noteworthy are some mature pine stands and an avalanche chute of the Wapiti Mountain.

Elk River Walk
Access: Turn left on the mine access road immediately after the Elk River bridge. Follow Elk Valley Road for 4km, this is a gravel road. Trail commences near the Hydro line (sign at trail head). Limited parking.
Trail length: 4km
Walk one way: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
This trail follows the banks of the Elk River. Unstable banks and wash out areas occur throughout.

Bare Hill Lookout
Access: Trail head starts behind the playground on Galbraith Drive. Alternate access is at the Hydro sub-station on Galbraith Drive.
Trail length:1km
Walk one way: 1/2 hour
Difficulty: Moderate, some steep sections
This enjoyable walk features a panoramic view of Elkford and the surrounding mountains. Bare Hill was given its name due to forest fires in the 1930’s. Evidence of these fires can be still seen along the trail.

Hikers should be warned that steep hill and unstable ground are encountered while making the 80 m elevation change.

Boivin Creek Peace Trail
Access: Trail begins at Fording Drive.
Trail length (Peace Park Loop): 1.2 km
Walk: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Length (Ski Trail): 8 km
Skiers: 3 hours round trip
Difficulty: Moderate
Boivin Creek Peace Trail splits to accommodate snowmobile and cross country skiing, these trails are well marked.

This easy walk provides naturalist with wildlife viewing, wildflowers and birding opportunities. During 1992 and 1993, this area was the subject of a habitat enhancement project including seedling planting.


Unit Type Elkford Chauncey Designer Suite – 4 person
Unit Type Elkford Chauncey Designer Suite – 4 person